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We are still hashing out exactly how to organize Regional Chapters.


Chapter Constitution Template

An approved template for PPNZ Regional Chapter Constitutions is available here

Current Chapters

Auckland Chapter

Wellington Chapter

Young Pirates

Chapter Activities

For events attended by Pirates on the ground, there is some promotional material for pirates to use.

Current Rules on Chapters

(see Rules of Procedure)

  • Regional Chapters should be considered as committees of the Party. Committee positions including Chapter President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Executive Council Representative and general committee members may be filled by any PPNZ member based in or near the electorates covered by the chapter. Committee members may be appointed, suspended or replaced via: (in order of precedence)
    1. Executive Council Special Resolution;
    2. Election by people on a Chapter membership list maintained by the Chapter Committee, or;
    3. Chapter Committee Special Resolution. (16/04/11 SGM)
  • Chapter boundaries are required to be consistent with general electorate boundaries. No two chapters shall include the same general electorate. Also We will have a guideline when adopting new chapters that they include at least five general electorates, but no more than 1/3 of the total number of general electorates in New Zealand. (12/03/11 SGM)
  • The Executive Council should only overrule Chapter elections, appointments or motions when the Executive Council feels that the Party or its Chapters may be harmed beyond the electorates covered by the chapter in question. (16/04/11 SGM)
  • Executive Council Representatives from Chapter Councils are invited to attend all executive meetings, and be privy to all communications between the Executive Council as a group (i.e. not between individual members of the Executive Council) (16/04/11 SGM)