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Current Executive Council Positions (Dec 2013)

President: Kirk Twist

Elected 24/06/13, valid thru 24/09/14

Responsible for:

  • Overall strategic direction of the executive to support the Party Objectives (whatever the technical term is) over the long term,
  • representing the Party as an institution (to read "legal body" once we become one) to: (i.e. not meaning political representation)
    • The membership,
    • the media,
    • the public;
  • Assuming the responsibilities of the Vice President when the Vice President is not.

Vice President: David Peterson (mathmo)

Elected 24/06/13, valid thru 24/09/14

Responsible for:

  • Ensuring the ongoing functioning of the executive as much as possible, including ensuring applicable Executive Council and delegated executive positions are:
    • all filled, (i.e. finding sufficient volunteers, arranging interim appointments and calling internal elections where required)
    • are all contactable and fulfilling their current responsibilities,
    • not currently engaging in misconduct,
    • able to co-operate with each other as required, (i.e. do not have irreconcilable differences)
    • acting in accordance with the short term executive direction as determined by the Executive Council as a whole, President or Vice-President (the most senior one applicable)
  • representing the executive to Pirate Party volunteers as a whole,
  • Assuming the responsibilities of the President when the President is unavailable.

Secretary: Terry Jones (CptKiwi)

Elected 24/06/13, valid thru 24/09/14

Responsible for:

  • Management of, all applicable internal documents and data including:
    • The legal basis of the Party, (i.e. the Constitution, Charter when we become IncSoc)
    • official authoritative documents specifying internal workings of the Party, (i.e. rules of procedure, code of conduct etc.)
    • official records of decisions according to these workings, (i.e. minutes, resolutions and internal election results)
    • Membership and other formal relationships between the Party as an institution (to read "legal body" once we become one) and other natural or non-natural persons, (i.e. confidentiality agreements, affiliations and Electoral Commission correspondence - including provision of CRM),
      • excluding mere financial relationships;
    • other Party data which is by its nature highly secret;
    • excluding informal or political communications;
  • provision of infrastructure for hosting these documents,
  • provision of all required foundation level website infrastructure,
  • the conducting of internal elections,
  • legal counsel and correspondence on behalf of the Party.

Treasurer: Andrew McPherson (kiwipeso)

Elected 24/06/13, valid thru 24/09/14

Responsible for:

  • Financial services arrangements, including bank accounts,
  • managing Party funds,
  • managing financial relationships with other natural or non-natural persons,
  • financial planning,
  • arrangements around large expenses of the Party,
  • fundraising.

Communications Manager: Rob Ueberfeldt

Elected 16/12/13, valid thru 16/03/15

Responsible for:

  • Provision of infrastructure for, and ongoing management of, all applicable internal and external communications channels run by the Pirate Party, including:
    • Websites, except foundation level infrastructure,
    • social Media,
    • email and related services,
    • forums,
    • collaborative editing and decision making systems.
  • Ensuring the intentions of the organization are represented to:
    • Members,
    • supporters,
    • Media.

Note: this excludes internal election formalities.

Non-Voting Executive Council Representatives

  • Regional Chapter Representatives: Auckland (vacant), akiwiguy (Young Pirates)
    • Oversees organization of the regional chapter (President and board Rep are usually the same person)
    • Principally responsible for representing the regional chapter in the executive council and vice versa
    • Selected by the regional chapter
  • General Executive Council members: (None currently)
    • Can take on smaller roles such as website management, IRC management, facebook, etc. Also while many roles will fall under the umbrella of the secretary those roles can be delegated as well. These delegations can be made and changed at any time by the council.

Delegated Tasks

  • Acting Membership Undersecretary: Pervach (since 26/05/13)
    • Managing membership details, renewals and applications
    • Normally the responsibility of the Secretary
    • May be delegated to any volunteer who has been approved by a majority of the EC and signed a confidentiality agreement
    • Has the email address membership@pirateparty.org.nz associated
  • Webmaster: Akiaki (since 19/09/13)
    • site Maintenance
    • Membership data infrastructure is included in this
    • Has the email address webmaster@pirateparty.org.nz associated
  • Privacy Officer: Pervach (since 10/01/13)
    • Investigating membership data security
    • Dealing directly with a privacy breach should one arise
  • Whip: Craig (since 06/08/13)
    • Encouraging Officers and volunteers to complete tasks they take on
  • Executive Assistant: (vacant)
    • Assisting the President and Vice-President with general executive functions
    • Assistance filling in for tasks Executive Council members are unavailable to do
    • Appointed by the President, required to be authorized as a Membership Admin

Tasks in Meetings

  • Taking minutes
    • Normally the responsibility of the Secretary
    • Otherwise delegated at the beginning
    • Previously done on Piratepad in real time, optionally with crowd sourced assistance