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Upcoming Events

We are pleased to announce that there will be a Special General Meeting of the Pirate Party on Thursday 22nd August. For details, please see the | announcement on the forum.

Message From Pervach:

I'm pleased to announce the next SGM will be on 22 August 2013 - 7pm in the IRC channel ( #ppnz on )

Somewhat significantly, this will be the first general meeting in 18 months, so is somewhat overdue.

The new board wants to start SGMs again as a regular monthly thing. The board members have now had time to meet each other and figure out how to work things on a board level. Hopefully these will SGMs will now give members a chance to get a better understanding of the board and how the board thinks, and vice-versa.

Without setting a definitive agenda for this first new SGM, I'll outline a few things I think are likely to happen:

- Introductions by some of the new board members and also any active members who choose to - Q&A about the current state of the Party and what the board members are aiming for in the short term - Adopting position descriptions for the board roles - Discussion volunteer roles - current and roles people are looking at creating, as well as suggestions for roles - Any motions that members submit before the meeting (as in by posting below) - General member ideas and suggestions / open floor

There won't be enough time in this first SGM back to get through everything everyone would like to, but if there's something in particular you'd like to add to the agenda, mention it below. The agenda will be posted here closer to the time.

See you all on the 22nd!

- CptKiwi 15/08/2013