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We've set up a forum.


With IRC you can chat with the various members and contributors of The Pirate Party of New Zealand in real time. We've set up an embedded, browser based client. The server details for setting up your own client are below:

  • IRC Sever Address: irc.piratpartiet.se (alternative: irc.piraattipuolue.fi)
  • Channels:
    • For party discussions related use: #ppnz,
    • For general socialising or off-topic discussions, please use: #ppnzsocial
New to IRC?

If you're new to IRC, then it is probably best to chat on this page. If you don't like using that page, you can always set up an IRC client, such as Xchat, Pidgin, Adium or mIRC. Wikipedia has a nice list of IRC clients, among other information about IRC the commands.

A little more information can be found in one of our facebook notes.


You can follow The Pirate Party of New Zealand on twitter: @piratepartyNZ.

We have also facebook page page set up.

We also have Cockatiels (they're a member of the parrot family) at http://pirateparty.org.nz/birdcam/ .. Cairo plans to breed and hand-raise them so if you want a friendly parrot that will sit on your shoulder and sing pirate songs, watch this space! (Edison Carter has already claimed the first one)