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This page provides details related to meetings of the PPNZ, its Chapters and affiliates, activities arising from those meetings, plus a variety of related materials.


Reference Pages

  • A list of official positions as determined by elections
  • Historic information about elections to the Policy Committee (caucus) on 18 March 2012


This section provides links to the agendas for past and forthcoming meetings. (Link to Forum posts unless otherwise stated)


This section includes all available minutes from PPNZ-related meetings.

General meetings

This section includes minutes of general meetings of the PPNZ.

Membership Meetings

Monthly Membership Online Realtime Public Gatherings (MMORPGs) are open to all members, but are not general meetings. Currently held every 4th Thursday each month at 7pm on IRC

Other meetings

This section includes minutes from the PPNZ Executive Committee, the Chapters, and the Young Pirates.