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Discussion and voting about possible logos or changes to the logo here.

Current logo:


This version was specifically created by Bruce Kingsbury for the party, entirely from elements that are clear of any known copyright or trademark claims. This logo is provided under a CC0 copyright licence but is registered to the party by the Electoral Commission. Using it fraudulently in a way that implies you are acting on behalf of the Pirate Party may violate trademark or electoral law.

Older PPNZ logos:

Please do not use older versions of the logo. Toshi filed a DMCA takedown for his version (the blue logo) and the first version of the purple logo by zcat features a tattoo fern design that is only cc-nc-by. We could pontentially be asked to stop using it if it's decided that our use is commercial, or the designer could take any profit that we make selling ppnz merchandise with that version.