26 March 2015 Executive Reports

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Agenda for the Pirate Party of New Zealand

board meeting 26 March 2015 20:00

postponed to 21:00 on Sunday 29th March


  • Andrew
  • BenV
  • Andrew McP
  • DanielS



Meeting opened:

Change of venue?: Mumble

Minutes of last meeting:

Matters arising: None

Correspondance: None

Finances: Nothing to report

Agenda 1. PPI online conference

a. vote on PPI power to raise fees: Abstain **

a. (i) change vote AF1 because this is not the original: No **

  • we would have to pay nearly Euro 500
  • 455Euro = 655NZ$, actually. HDI of NZ is 0.91.

a. (ii) AF-2 (would cost us 1% of annual income <= 5 NZ$): No (1/3/0) ***

a. (iii) AF2a we should abstain as we are voting no on AF2: Yes (3/0/0) ***

b. MO-1 Access to Medicine: Abstain*

c. MO-2 Copyright: Abstain*

d. MO-3 Net Neutrality: Abstain*

e. MO-4 Basic Income: Abstain*

f. MO-5 Privacy: Abstain*

g. MO-7 Transparency of the Public Sector: Abstain*

h. MO-6 No to TTIP: Abstain

i. MO-9 Individual ‘Global Pirate Membership’ from supporters: No**

J. MO-10 Implementation of online eDemocracy system: Yes **

k MO-11 Policy in treaty negotiation: Yes**

l MO-8 Standing Committees we need to vote on: No (3/0/1)***

AndrewR: It is top down not bottom up as Pirate organisations should be

2. Payment-related items

a. discuss current status of PayPal account.

AndrewMcP: It appears to be borked, I thought the emails I got from Paypal singapore were spam, as it was clearly marked as spam. Possibly might be able to get my uncle to pass on contact from myself regarding account recovery, as he is based in Singapore.

b. (i) vote to support donations via bitcoin: Yes (3/0/0)

AndrewMcP: I am currently setting up Bitcoin for the party. It is slowly syncing now. Should be done around midnight or by 1am judging by current transfer rate.

AndrewMcP: It is on a secure Bitcoin core program.

AndrewMcP: Update : yes it will be ready by 1am at this rate, the recommended use is to have new receiving addresses for each transactions, which is easy to do from the program.

AndrewMcP: Incidently it appears that there are multiple issues with other bitcoin clients being on the web, hence hackable wallets, let alone those which reside on exchanges. I have avoided these issues carefully.

  • AndrewR yes
  • BenV yes
  • Andrew McP Yes. (In Progress since 5pm 29th March)

b. (ii) delegate responsibility of managing the party's bitcoin wallet to someone

Andrew McP : as treasurer, I accept this duty, and will leave the client running to hopefully get some bitcoin after a while. It should be ready to use now.

AndrewMcP: I have set a passphrase for the bitcoin wallet, which will probably be set up after the bitcoin ledger is synced, which has an encrypted passphrase sent to the treasurer email address, in handy for any handover at a later stage. / forget the passphrase recoverable.

AndrewMcP: Update, each transaction will use it's own address for security sake. I have yet to see how the wallet is exportable other than when it comes to handover. However for the foreseeable future I will keep the bitcoin client solely on a desktop that is usually running for several days to a month before dual booting. This is likely to be less when the new mac client of elite dangerous is released.


  • * These stances differ from Loomio because we do not believe they are suitable in context of PPI, even though the policies are agreeable at the national level
  • ** Unanimous vote by board; no prior discussion in Loomio
  • *** (Yes/No/Abstain) vote by board; no prior discussion in Loomio

Meeting ended: 02:45 30 March

Next meeting: 09 April 2015