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25 September 2014 Executive Agenda

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Agenda for the Pirate Party of New Zealand board meeting 25 September 2014 19:00



  • David Peterson (am on set from Thursday to Sunday)


  Meeting opened:   Minutes of last meeting:

Matters arising: Current funds  How to proceed with NDAs?




1 Migration to a new Host Motion: As Aki is willing to continue to be our web master, YPNZ rep and board assistant that the Board confirm their postion. Vote

Motion: That Aki be tasked with finding a new host and to report back to the board as soon as they have done so.


1b Resolving the issues with the current server

  • Who to pull a backup?
  • Who to contact the current service provider to pay bills ASAP and end the contract?

2. Comms The comms group needs to be reformed and its perview extended. Not only press releases but all social media channels should be under the comms group. 

There is only one active member with admin rights to social media channels. This should be extended to the chairman and at least one other board member.

We should define rules for official social media posts and press releases the communications group should become a working group to work on this.

I have a request in to join the Communications Group (AndrewR)

I am willing to be an admin for the facebook and twitter groups. (Andrew McP)

Me too. (Hubat)

3. Membership / Constitutional reform The Internet party has a two tier membership system we could use General and full membership working group to be established

We can adopt this prior to our internal membership drive so lapsed full members can still be general members.

4. Rules for Board Attendance Proposal:

  • Board members who cannot attend a scheduled board meeting should place their name in the excused list in the agenda of the meeting with a reason.before the meeting starts
  • If that is not possible another board member should be informed so they can do it for them.
  • If either of the above options are not possible the board member should contact the secretary with in three days after the meeting so the minutes can be updated
  • Failure to do any of these will be considered an unexcused absence.
  • Three consecutive unexcused absences will be regarded as a resignation

Proposed addition to the above:   * In case of an unexcusded absence the board has to ensure that tasks assigned to the absentee that require attention in the time period before the next meeting are reassigned or acted upon by the board.


5. Aki's role on the Board Aki is not an official board member. However, as they have responsibility for IT they should have a veto on any motion that concerns IT. This veto can be overruled by the board with a full 100% of all board members at the next scheduled meeting.

Vote Opposed - David (granting veto power which requires 100% board approval to overturn, is waaay too much power to grant)

I agree with David on this one. Standard majority is adequate.(Hubat)

6. The Google calendar reminders be scrapped or reset Vote Reset - David (as it's useful, let's not scrap it)

7. Using Trello instead of RedMine as a task management system RedMine is way too overpowered for our needs (a simple task management system), and Trello would be a better fit for us. Some board members have experience in using Trello, and it's easy to use. We should create a Trello organization for PPNZ, then create a board for the PPNZ board to use for task management.


8. Orientation Officer The membership form has an option to express interest in being contacted by the Orientation Officer to ease the transition of the new entrant into the party processes. I am under the impression that ticking this box currently has no consequences. If this is so I would offer to take over this duty.

Meeting closed: 

Next meeting: 4th October