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22 Aug 2013 SGM meeting minutes

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Meeting Opened

Meeting opened on 22nd August 2013 at 7:00pm

Attendees: CptKiwi (Secretary), Pervach (Privacy Officer), Kiwipeso (Treasurer), Kirktwist (President), Mathmo (Vice-President), AndrewReitemeye, Trooy, zcat, Proj_XIII, digitalforce, akiaki


  • Introductions by some of the new board members and also any active members who choose to
  • Special Guest from The Australian Pirate Party. Chanel Gronowski.
  • Adopting Positions descriptions for the board roles
  • Incorporation Update
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Any motions that members submit before the meeting (as in by posting below)
  • General member ideas and suggestions / open floor


  • Terry (CptKiwi) to round-robin the InSoc documentation for signing.
  • Incorporation within 6 weeks - Terry (CptKiwi)
  • Pervach to update the Positions wiki document


1. Motion to adopt new positions, proposed by Pervach / Seconded by CptKiwi

  • Motion passed by majority vote.
  • New positions/roles to be used from now on.

2. Motion to sign the InSoc Application form by way of round robin. Proposed by CptKiwi

  • Motion passed by majority vote.
  • To be actioned by CptKiwi

3. Motion to move that it is a requirement for all board members to sign a confidentiality agreement. Proposed by CptKiwi.

  • Withdrawn
  • Board decided to wait until the final draft of the new confidentiality deed is ready.

4. Formally vote on thanking Chanel for sharing her time with us at this SGM about PPAU successes in the Australian Federal election.

  • Approved

Meeting Transcript

A complete copy of the meeting transcript is available for Download Here

Next SGM

The next SGM will be on 26/09/13 @ 7PM in our IRC channel.