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12 March 2015 Executive Reports - Pirate Wiki

12 March 2015 Executive Reports

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PPNZ-Board-12-03-15 Agenda for the Pirate Party of New Zealand board meeting 12 March 2015 20:00


  • Andrew McPherson
  • Andrew R
  • Ben V
  • Daniel Schwalm



Meeting opened: 20:00

Change of Venue?: moved to mumble

Minutes of last meeting: Matters arising none


Finances: Flattr Revenue € 2.25 February, € 14.37 available.

This would be preferable to use instead of Paypal, which it seems I need to restart.

1. Internet Party The Internet Party has a new board including KDC How should we manage relations with them Basically as a pirate party clone that is light on democracy, and heavy on personality cult ?

Due to unknown negative situation in their board we will overlook them for now. If they show more signs of activity then we will consider re-engaging with them.

Andrew R to contact them if they show signs of activity

2. Parties leaving PPI cont Now PPUK has left PPI and others are voting: PPIS (Iceland) and PPSL (Slovenia) PPBE (Belgium) Mumble  3. New Economics Party Conference Otaki May 30 to June 2

Andrew and Daniel will be attending

4. PPI Online Conference All board members are requested to be on the PPNZ delegation

To make registration easier please let Andrew Know your registered Mumble user name

PPDE submitted the following motion

We deem the universal access to medicine and medical treatment as a human right. People in developing and least developed countries must have access to medicine beyond the restrictions of patenting systems. Patents that hinder the fight against diseases should be subject to compulsory licensing.

Since the economics of medical technology makes research and development into non-patentable medical techniques uneconomic for corporations, state funding needs to be made available to test the effectiveness of substances, currently illegal for therapeutic purposes.

Further blocking of scientific work based solely on dogmatic arguments is no longer acceptable. Patients must not be hindered in their free choice of treatment. Well trained, responsible physicians and informed patients must have the full responsibility for choosing the substances used for treatment. The dangers of all used substances must be fully disclosed.

Furthermore, us Pirates propose a global fund for financing research on neglected diseases. Pirate Times article explaining what it should mean

We need to consider this and decide how we will vote

Andrew McP: I have been in favour of this for several years, and did move this as a prior policy of PPNZ back in 2010 or 2011. I am happy for us to renew our support of this policy.

Vote to support this proposal deferred until next meeting (or later).

Meeting ended: 20:24

Next meeting 26 March 20:00