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The Pirate Party and associated groups offer several ways to be affiliated without being a member of the main Party. Your options include:

The Pirate Party of New Zealand (PPNZ) Membership
  • The political party proper. Joining PPNZ will help us reach 500 financial members and register to run in the 2017 election.
  • Open to: New Zealand Citizens and Permanent Residents eligible to vote
  • Joining PPNZ costs $10 (or $2)
  • To join: sign up then on the “Become a Member/Volunteer” tab apply for a standard or discounted membership
  • Benefits: Access to the Pirate Party Loomio (official decision making platform) and voting rights in internal elections
Chapter Membership
  • Chapters are independently run but affiliated organizations for like minded people in a small group of general electorates.
  • Membership in Chapters is independent of and complimentary to membership in the Party proper – joining a chapter does not make you a Pirate Party member
  • Open to: Generally anyone with a connection to the electorates covered by the Chapter, but eligibility is determined by each Chapter
  • To join: see Auckland Chapter or your local mailing list (see below), or any 3 Members can found a new Chapter
  • Benefits: Chapters are responsible for organizing local events, can appoint a representative to the Pirate Party Executive Council, and depending on the upcoming Pirate Party constitutional review may be delegated further responsibilities in their area.
Young Pirates (YPNZ) Membership
Keep in Touch
  • Various mailing lists and email groups
  • Open to: Anyone with connections to New Zealand or overseas Pirate Parties
  • This is not an affiliation to the Pirate Party, but is part of the Pirate movement
  • To join: sign up then see the options on the “Keep in Touch” tab.
  • Benefits: Faster information and the option to contribute to some discussions

Read our Material

Have a read of our core policies and FAQ. These explain the party’s basic policy. Our Constitution is also available.

(Optional) Get the Membership Declaration Form

This is not required for Party Membership, but it is required for the Party to register with the Electoral commission and so is appreciated. (this can also be done later)
Download theĀ application(.odt) application(.pdf) membership form for 2016 (Good until 1/10/2017)

You should be able to enter your details in any ODT or PDF viewer. Print off and then sign and date the form.

Important if by physical mail – please send the form to:
Pirate Party of New Zealand
22 Park Road
Wellington 6022
New Zealand

Sign up on


Select standard membership fee ($10) or discounted membership fee ($2).
Scan and upload the Membership Declaration form in the “Upload Membership Declaration” field. (IF you are providing one, it’s desired though not required)

In case of My.PirateParty not functioning normally

Scan and send the membership declaration form to one of the following:

Note: Registration fee is expected to be paid within 30 days of the signing date of the application form.

Payment Information

There is a membership fee that covers the various costs that the party will incur. The standard membership fee is $10, but a $2 discounted membership fee is available if $10 is too much for you.
The most common payment methods are shown below, but for more alternative payment options, please see the donate page.

Internet Banking
  • The Pirate Party of New Zealand
  • Kiwi Bank
  • 38-9014-0844811-00

See the donate page

  • Payable to “The Pirate Party of New Zealand”
  • Write your name and details on the back for reference.

Make sure that you include your name in the reference. It would also be a good idea to include your phone number in the reference. This is so that your payment can be matched with your application. Any bank deposits without an identifying reference (name, phone number) will be assumed to be anonymous donations.

If you wish to make a donation too, that would be greatly appreciated. Please see the donate page for more info.

Confirmation of Membership

Once we’ve approved your application and verified payment you’ll officially be a member of the Pirate Party of New Zealand!
After that, you should receive a receipt by email confirming your status.