Pirate Party Communications



Most discussions are held in our Loomio discussion room and is where policy,strategy and actions are formulated and voted upon. Join us and help make the Pirate Movement a real influence in New Zealand


 Social Media






We have  a Facebook group and a Twitter account


Board meetings are held in the New Zealand channel on the Mumble instance hosted on the servers of the Pirate Party of North Rhine Westfalia.
Mumble is a low latency, high quality VOIP software that is secure. Think Skype without anyone listening in.
You can download the software from and the
To connect fill out the following
Label:  (Whatever you wish e.g. PPNZ)
Port: 64738
Username: (Whatever you wish)
The New Zealand channel is found under ‘International’



Feel free to join the conversations that are taking place.

Note: Please be patient – after you join the channel and announce yourself, it may take us a few minutes before we respond. Also, we do not monitor the channel 24/7.

With this embedded IRC applet you can chat with various members and contributors of The Pirate Party of New Zealand in real time. You may prefer to set up your own IRC client to chat by connecting to this channel: irc://
More information about chatting on our IRC channel, and below the widget is some information on useful commands for IRC.

Open in full window.

After connecting above, type /join #ppnzboard to access the channel used for board meetings.

Useful Commands

The following is a list of IRC commands that may be useful within this applet:

/join #channel
Join the channel #channel. For example, to join the PPNZ social channel you would type “/join #ppnzsocial” and hit enter.
Display help.
Clear the chat output in this channel.
/nick [nick]
Change your nickname.
/msg [nick] [msg]
Send a private message [msg] to the user with the nick [nick].
/whois [nick]
Find out all manner of things about someone.
/me [text]
Set your status to away.
Set your status to back.