If you wish to make a donation that would be greatly appreciated, but please be aware that there are some regulations we need to follow for donations over $5,000, so if you’re making a large donation and/or would like a receipt for your donation please contact us first.

Ways to Donate:


Paypal is currently down for our old account, please donate via our other payments methods. Try Bitcoin or Flattr if outside NZ.


Internet Banking

This is our preferred method. Donations may be anonymous below the legal limit.

  • The Pirate Party of New Zealand
  • Kiwibank
  • 38-9014-0844811-00


That’s right, the Pirate Party is now on Flattr!
Flattr users can donate right here:


Donate to the Pirate Party via Flattr

Cash or Cheque

    • Cheques payable to “The Pirate Party of New Zealand”


  • Write your name and details on the back for reference.
Post cash and cheques to:
Pirate Party of New Zealand
22 Park Road
Wellington 6022
New Zealand


Bitcoin donations are now supported by sending us a QR code or URI of your Bitcoin donation to

Please note that if the donation is above NZ$5000 equivalent, we may need to be contacted first due to NZ regulations on political donations.