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Join us in Loomio. We have launched a series of discussions with the following themes:   ‽irate ‽arty - A World Wide Wave One might ask: “Does New Zealand really need a Pirate Party?”, “Does New Zealand really need yet another party?” Wrong Question! The Pirate Party is not about New Zealand. The Pirate Party is about our future. The future of us all - everywhere, not just New Zealand. That’s why there is so many Pirate Parties: Countries where you can find a Pirate...
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Pirate Party to Parley at Pirate Camp in February 2014

Pirate Camp 2014 will be held at Otaki Beach, on the Kapiti Coast near Wellington, on the 21 and 22 of February, 2014. The Camp will be a chance to to meet and parley with fellow Pirates, and to prepare our organisation for the 2014 general election, covering such topics as: structure and constitution of the party and its local chapters, positions and policies, and candidates for electorates and party list. The gathering will be open to all current and prospective members of the Pirate Party...
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PPNZ responds to the GCSB legislation

The current government's disrespect of due process and the rights of personal privacy under the new GCSB legislation are an affront to basic human rights. With the incumbent government pushing this law through under urgency, and thus circumventing the democratic process while playing fast and loose with the personal freedoms of individual citizens, how can we trust the individuals we invested as public officials to carry out policy in our interests with any real confidence? The Pirate Party of...
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First they came, on the internet.

First they came for the protestors, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a protestor.

Then they came for the pirates,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a pirate.
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A Patent Patient

Rather than reporting on the news, or discussing topical affairs, I’d like to tell you a personal story. The thesis will be, of course, that patents are painful in the long run. But I will not present real data. I will instead discuss a personal tale of how they have done a disservice. It might be an appeal to emotion, and a straw man, and a personal bias, so I’m just gonna get those out of the way. This is an entirely personal experience. By way of introduction, I have facioscapulahumeral m...
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Research Innovation Sold Empty Promises With No Time To Reason

Of course we support Science. Of course we support innovation. We have the Crown Research Institute mandated to support New Zealand industry, Indutrial Research Limited, IRL. The IRL focused towards increasing economic growth by improving the performance and productivity of New Zealand’s industrial manufacturing and services sector firms in developing market-led products and increasing human capital and research management expertise in the industrial manufacturing and associated sectors that...
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An Open Letter to The Ministry of Economic Development on Software Patents

  An Open Letter to Warren Hassett, MED Senior Policy Analyst. It has come to my attention that on June the 8th 2012, you were in a meeting with Rory McLeod and Silke Radde of the MED, Dougal Watt and Julie Motley of IBM, Waldo Kuipers of Microsoft, Brett O’Riley of NZICT, and Peter Wren-Hilton of Pingar regarding the legislation of software patents in New Zealand. As the Director General of a fledgling software company, this prospect worries me.  It's well known that patents are use...
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NetHui 2012: Review and Points of View

NetHui Conference this year moved around issues of what can and should be managed and what cannot and should not be managed about a technology such as the internet. We are approaching the free to use and free to all model with emails, media and data becoming fractions of a cent to create. Yet the understanding about the data we access everyday and it’s legal strings still escape the general public. (And by general public I use NZ Herald journalists as a base, not NetHui attendees). What i...
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Great Result for the Pirate Party in our first General Election (0.59%)

The Pirate Party ran 2 candidates in Hamilton East and Wellington Central. In Hamilton East our Candidate Bruce Kingsbury won 0.42% of the vote with 137 votes, placing him 7th out of 8 candidates. In Wellington Central our Candidate Gynn Rickerby won 0.72% of the vote with 277 votes, placing him 7th out of 12 candidates. On average this was 0.59%, a 178% increase on the result in the Botany By-election 9 months ago, better than the Spanish Pirate Party's result last weekend (0.41%) but not as go...
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Time for the First Ever Pirate Party Annual Conference, Aug 14.

The elections are approaching, and while we might not be registered on time, we will still be able to stand at least 5 candidates in electorates. The conference will give us a chance as a party to decide where to stand candidates, and how to select candidates. We will also discuss plans for our election campaign. Another important event at the conference will be board elections. This will be the first time that elections are being held for the whole board, as previously elections were held fo...
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