Pirate Party of New Zealand condemns pro-patent lobbyist spin on software patents

AUCKLAND, 23 June 2011 New Zealand Pirate Party co-leader Bruce Kingsbury today condemned the suggestion that software patents may be required in New Zealand law. The bill was reported back by the Select Committee on 30 March 2010, and the committee accepted the view of submitters that software development was an organic process, where new software invariably builds on prior software. "There is no 'inventive step' in software development, as would be required for patenting," said Mr Kings...
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Pirate Party Outraged over Passed Anti-Filesharing Law

AUCKLAND, 14 April 2011 The Pirate Party of New Zealand is disappointed that the Government used urgency to pass the Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Bill after the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Bill. "Not only is the urgency process being abused," party secretary Noel Zeng stated, "but our government is also exploiting the people of Christchurch by using their unfortunate situation to pass underhanded legislation." Under this "three strikes bill," if anyone in a household is ...
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Tunisian Pirate Party member beaten in detainment

Internal sources from Tunisia confirm that jailed Pirate Party member Azyz Ammami has been beaten by police officers. Furthermore, he was forced to take a pro-regime lawyer rather than one of his own choosing. Pirate Party members Azyz Ammami and Slim Amamou were imprisoned on Friday and are being charged on account of anonymous DDoS attacks with degradation of state property. There is currently no contact with them and it is not known whether the charges will be dropped or the case will go ...
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