Andrew Reitemeyer

I joined the Pirate Party of Germany in April 2012. Shortly after that I started working for the Pirate Times where I am Editor. I returned to New Zealand in 2013 and joined PPNZ. I was elected to the chair in 2014.

An Innovative Experiment in News Media

This is an opinion piece and the reader should be aware that the author is distantly related to the Editor of Scoop. New Zealand has no shortage of media outlets, however there is a distinct lack of ones that are not either ideologically biased or are in the thrall of commercial interests. intends not to be answerable to the government, shareholders nor advertisers but to the community. If it's a press release issued in New Zealand, is legible, legal, sane, not hateful and not de...
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Holding our Leaders to Account through Crowdsourcing

The New Zealand Herald has come up with and interesting experiment - transparency by crowd-sourcing. They want to use ordinary New Zealanders to trawl through the donation records for all the candidates in the last two elections and expenses for 2014. The Electoral Commission issued the relevant statistics in the form of over 900 PDF documents which makes computer analysis difficult. This amounts to censorship by obfuscation while maintaining an illusion of transparency. Issuing the data in mach...
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Loomio discussions

Join us in Loomio. We have launched a series of discussions with the following themes:   ‽irate ‽arty - A World Wide Wave One might ask: “Does New Zealand really need a Pirate Party?”, “Does New Zealand really need yet another party?” Wrong Question! The Pirate Party is not about New Zealand. The Pirate Party is about our future. The future of us all - everywhere, not just New Zealand. That’s why there is so many Pirate Parties: Countries where you can find a Pirate...
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