An Innovative Experiment in News Media

This is an opinion piece and the reader should be aware that the author is distantly related to the Editor of Scoop.

New Zealand has no shortage of media outlets, however there is a distinct lack of ones that are not either ideologically biased or are in the thrall of commercial interests. intends not to be answerable to the government, shareholders nor advertisers but to the community.

If it’s a press release issued in New Zealand, is legible, legal, sane, not hateful and not defamatory we will most probably publish it.

The Pirate Party has benefited greatly from this facility in the past and is very interested in seeing it continue.

Scoop has been around for 16 years as an independent entity and so New Zealand’s longest serving independent . Now they are looking to move into public ownership. Just what that public ownership will look like is yet to be determined but it will be an open process and anyone can take part. For instance the new entity would entertain publishing material under a creative commons license “providing we can incorporate our invisible paywall for commercial use”.

New Zealand Pirate’s and those interested in Pirate Principles would be serving¬† freedom of expression and transparency if they contribute to this innovative experiment. They can:


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