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‽irate ‽arty – A World Wide Wave

One might ask: “Does New Zealand really need a Pirate Party?”, “Does New Zealand really need yet another party?”
Wrong Question! The Pirate Party is not about New Zealand. The Pirate Party is about our future. The future of us all – everywhere, not just New Zealand. That’s why there is so many Pirate Parties:

Countries where you can find a Pirate Party or where one is starting up:

There are Pirates sitting in the parliaments/senates of 4 states in Germany (Berlin, Schleswig-Holstein, Nordrhein-Westfalen and Saarland), there is a Pirate sitting in the European Parliament and there was a Pirate minister in the government of Tunisia.

It is proven: The Pirate Party is relevant in the world. Our name ‘Pirate Party of New Zealand (PPNZ)’ is therefore maybe somehow misleading and should possibly be more like ‘Pirate Party IN New Zealand’ – or even better: ‘Pirate Party in Aotearoa New Zealand (PiPANZ)’


‽irate ‽arty – The Peoples Party

This chapter should probably better be called: ‘‽irate ‽arty – The Copy Party’; but I have established a pattern of alliterations of P and C would obviously break that. Never mind.

The Pirate Party is not to be mistaken as a single issue party. We are not and cannot be limited to a single issue or a particular area of expertise. Our positions are principle based and our decisions should preferably be based on scientific proof. Principles and scientific rationales apply everywhere and must be exercised in all things to be valid at all.

Nonetheless do we see particular areas in the local, national and world wide political discourse that are either not recognized as that serious as they are (at least to us) or are lacking understanding of the matter to a horrifying degree or are even occupied by bearers or particular interests who’s endeavour endangers our way of life. These can be seen as our core political interests where we feel that our explicit input is required.

We may very well want to focus our sparse resources on these matters to formulate our stances. But we cannot abstain from taking positions in any other matter as well. For practical reasons it is obvious that we cannot develop the same degree of expertise that other, conventional parties have developed over time in conventional matters. Does that sound contradicting to the above? As a Pirate: I don’t think so‽

Why would we not accept that other parties can do some good work as well? Why would we not take from other parties what convinces us and propose it ourselves? As long as we only accept the most convincing positions that fulfill our requirements in principles and rationale, what the hack should hinder us to copy and paste that splendid work? Do we have to fear to be threatened with copyright laws? I don’t think so. Every party is always working on the basis to try to convince others. Why would they threaten anyone if they actually do?

Other parties cannot do that, because they need to disagree so that they have more ‘positions’ they can throw in when they need to deal with compromises of the kind ‘If you accept our bulls*t ABC (even though you know it is BS), then we will support your BS XYZ’. We cannot participate in those kind of deals as this contradicts our principles.

But we can instead exercise the good example of the benefits of sharing when we simply agree with convincing arguments and partner with politicians and parties where they are right and fight the very same politicians and parties where they fail. In doing so, we can convince the people. And this is where the power is :-)

‽irate ‽arty – The Participation Party

In my opinion the Party should see PARTICIPATION as the core goal of all political efforts.

Participation as in encouraging and empowering all people to engage in shaping the rules and the environment we want to live in.

In my eyes this necessarily implies:
– improving access to shared resources for everyone,
– removing privileged access to shared resources where those exist,
– reducing humiliating and alienating social systems.
– providing easy (machine readable) access to all publicly available information so that people can make informed decisions,
– establishing and cultivating respectful communication processes where convincing arguments are valued higher than any other means of communication.

In this light political goals like the following are only the logical derivative of the above:
* replacing stigmatising welfare with a non-discriminatory Universal Basic Income (UBI)
* free education
* open data
* anti-corruption / anti-lobbyism

WANTED: 15 active members

We want to become an incorporated society. This requires:
1. a constitution
2. 15 signing founding members

Obviously item number 2 is the first goal we have to achieve.

Financial membership is not required for this step. Furthermore is the online membership management system down at the present point in time. So what we ask for right now is to show up here and participate in the discussions. Once we see > 15 people here regularly, we can proceed with formalising our status :-)

We have been there before!

Furthermore is the online membership management system down at the present point in time. You can still email membership@pirateparty.org.nz if you would like to become a member


WANTED: new board member

There is a vacated seat in the board. The board is free to rectify the situation by appointing a new member.

If you are (vaguely) interested, please raise your hand here or write an e-mail to board@pirateparty.org.nz

The duties of the new board members are to show a good degree of reliability in attending the board meetings. These take place every fortnight on Thursdays 8pm.

Being an existing member is not a requirement, but being willing to provide arguments for the positions one brings forward are seen as an advantage.

Please don’t be shy. The current fellow board members don’t bite 😉


Featured image: CC BY-NC Board of European Students of Technology Photos

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