Pirate Party to Parley at Pirate Camp in February 2014

Pirate Camp 2014 will be held at Otaki Beach, on the Kapiti Coast near Wellington, on the 21 and 22 of February, 2014. The Camp will be a chance to to meet and parley with fellow Pirates, and to prepare our organisation for the 2014 general election, covering such topics as: structure and constitution of the party and its local chapters, positions and policies, and candidates for electorates and party list. The gathering will be open to all current and prospective members of the Pirate Party of NZ, and their families.

Registration will be by email and will open shortly. Accomodation is $40 per person for both nights, and you’ll need to bring your own bedding. Please bring some extra money to contribute to food, or come prepared to self-cater. If you need transport to Otaki Beach, or you can offer transport, please post a lift request of offer on the PPNZ GoogleGroup.

For more information, please contact Party President Kirk Twist:


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