PPNZ responds to the GCSB legislation

The current government’s disrespect of due process and the rights of personal privacy under the new GCSB legislation are an affront to basic human rights.
With the incumbent government pushing this law through under urgency, and thus circumventing the democratic process while playing fast and loose with the personal freedoms of individual citizens, how can we trust the individuals we invested as public officials to carry out policy in our interests with any real confidence?
The Pirate Party of New Zealand is appalled at the obsequiousness of the current parliamentary parties in opposition in bargaining with the national government.  The right to privacy of citizens is not a political bargaining chip, and we are disgusted that private citizens’ information could be used this way.
While political realities require compromise in reality, there must always be some individual rights that must be respected.  “The personal information of private citizens is not now nor has ever been a matter for anyone but the person in question.  No Compromise” — PPNZ president Daniel Bertinshaw.


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  1. Luke commented at

    I think you need to stop writing as if you have something to prove and instead just write to convey the message you want to communicate.

  2. James commented at

    I agree with Luke on this one, I was on the fence about signing up but after reading a few posts I’m a little steered away. Don’t get me wrong, I respect your passion but you need to lay down the facts and not try to invoke some emotional response in the reader.. Save that for the telly.

  3. Max Print commented at

    Make time for anyone with a wife.

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