Pirate Party Outraged over Passed Anti-Filesharing Law

AUCKLAND, 14 April 2011

The Pirate Party of New Zealand is disappointed that the Government used urgency to pass the Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Bill after the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Bill.

“Not only is the urgency process being abused,” party secretary Noel Zeng stated, “but our government is also exploiting the people of Christchurch by using their unfortunate situation to pass underhanded legislation.”

Under this “three strikes bill,” if anyone in a household is accused of three acts of illegal filesharing, they could be fined $15000 or, if fines are found to be ineffective, the entire household could lose their internet connection for 6 months.  This bypasses due process, violates privacy, and provides the “Copyright Tribunal” with more discretionary powers. The initial draft of the bill widely criticised when it was debated in November and changes since then have failed to adequately address the concerns raised.  The Pirate Party of New Zealand believes that internet access is a basic human right. The bill is unjust in violating the general principle of, “innocent until proven guilty.”

The Pirate Party is not the only group that opposes this bill, Tech Liberty, InternetNZ and the New Zealand Open Source Society are just some of the prominent organisations that have strongly criticised it. Major ISPs and Internet users have also voiced concerns.

The Pirate Party is pleased to note that the Green MP Gareth Hughes was vocal in his opposition to the bill during debate and should be commended.

About The Pirate Party of New Zealand

The Pirate Party of New Zealand is a political party which seeks to reduce the unfair monopolies perpetrated by the oppressive copyright and patent system in New Zealand. It is our aim to improve individual privacy and civil rights as they apply in the modern digital age. You can find out more about The Pirate Party of New Zealand at http://pirateparty.org.nz.


6 comments for Pirate Party Outraged over Passed Anti-Filesharing Law

  1. pj commented at

    Hey everyone, we need your memberships so we can get on the ballot and fight this atrocity! Join us at http://www.pirateparty.org.nz

  2. Bryan Baldwin commented at

    This is not the kind of attention New Zealand should want to have. Oppressing the people’s right and freedom to communicate is loathesome. This will not decrease but rather increase the degree of civil disobedience in this country. It only hurts people for the continued windfall of greedy and obsolete publishers and rights hoarders.

  3. Gold commented at

    “The Pirate Party is pleased to note that the Green MP Gareth Hughes was vocal in his opposition to the bill during debate and should be commended.”

    MP Gareth Hughes(@GarethMP) was also one of the few MPs that seemed to have even a rudimentary understanding of the issues and the technology involved.

  4. no commented at

    take the donation out and a lot more people will join.

  5. pervach commented at

    It’s not a donation, NZ electoral law requires us to have 500 *financial* members before we can register or run in the election. (specifically, the party vote)

    UPDATE: people can now join for just $2. Hopefully this will help.

    New membership form (pdf) http://pirateparty.org.nz/files/application.pdf

  6. Tobin Druce commented at

    Hi – can I ask a question about the ‘three strikes law’?

    Is there a length of time that must pass between the three strikes letter being served?

    In other words, can they serve the letters quickly or is there plenty of time for the ‘pirate’ to stop using the torrent site?

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