Botany by-election – Final Results

The final results are out, including the 504 valid special and overseas votes which were not counted in the preliminary results.

The Pirate Party Candidate, Hussain Al-saady, received 32 votes, representing 0.21% of all votes. This includes 0.17% of the ordinary votes, 0.27% of advance votes, and 0.79% of special votes. This result put him in 9th place, up one place from the preliminary count.

The turnout for the by-election was only 15421 out of 42815 enrolled, or 36.0%, less than half of the turnout in this electorate in the 2008 general election.

Of course, the achievement for us is not so much how many votes we got, but that, unlike several registered parties and even parties with MPs, we were in the by-election at all. Thanks and congratulations to everyone involved.


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  1. Tristan commented at

    would have been nice to see some presence from the party out in the street, banners etc. i didn’t see a thing but may have voted if I had have seen something and new something about the party and what it stood for.

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