About The Pirate Party of New Zealand

The Pirate Party of New Zealand aims to become a registered and recognised political party within New Zealand.

Our core policies are simple and few; we aim to substantially reform copyright law and the patent system, keep government transparent and accountable, and ensure that citizens’ rights to privacy are respected.

More information can be found in the FAQ and Core Policy

About Young Pirates NZ

Young Pirates NZ is aimed at, but not limited to, people between 12 and 30. Unlike the Pirate Party, it is FREE to join, and it is not restricted to eligible voters. You can join here.

The Pirate Party was officially in the 2011 Election (0.59%)

The Pirate Party ran 2 candidates in Hamilton East and Wellington Central. In Hamilton East our Candidate Bruce Kingsbury won 0.41% of the vote with 137 votes, placing him 7th out of 8 candidates. In Wellington Central our Candidate Gynn Rickerby won 0.72% of the vote with 277 votes, placing him 7th out of 12 candidates. On average this was 0.59%, a 178% increase on the result in the Botany By-election 9 months ago, better than the Spanish Pirate Party’s result on Nov 20 (0.42%) but not as good as the Catalonian Pirate Party’s result in the same election (0.63%). It is also better than the party vote for any party except the 8 which received seats and the Conservatives.

If we received this share of votes nationwide in the party vote, and there was no threshold for representation, the Pirate Party would have won 1 seat.